Wednesday, January 26, 2011

・°・Friday was the last day of the semester・°・

My grades were pretty awesome... then GEOMETRY HAPPENED. A-? SERIOUSLY. FFFF. orz
And Spanish UGH. It was at 103% then I forgot to turn in an assignment. (´_`;;)
Look at this monstrosity ↓

Anyways, Friday was the last day... but I had no school! So, Alice and I went to the mall to find her a dress for winter formal★ I ended up buying a few things... some which I was forced to buy. ( ̄へ  ̄ 凸

Those jeans have a flowery print on them, it was love at first sight. 
On the other hand... those shoes... -____-. 

Go in dressing room to try on jeans
1. Take left boot off - RIPPPP. I completely tore off the zipper. It's a lost cause.
2. Take off the right boot - SNAP. Break that zipper.
3. I raged, then ran to the nearest garbage can and whipped them in there.

WHAT EVEN. WHAT IS THAT!? orz orz I have horrible luck. I walked around barefoot for quite some time until I just gave up and bought those sandals. Then, preceded to walk in snow with them on, nearly frostbit my toes off, and fell multiple times. (w_-;

On Saturday, I went to my niece's birthday party. She's 2! (´・ω・`) 
My sister is a loon so we just ~*HAD*~ to get professional pictures of her on her birthday 

Her party was Minnie and Mickey themed! We got her a cute cake with them on it, and on the way home from picking it up I saw Tuna. (〃 ̄ー☆ 

After opening presents, we were trying to teach her to say "Thank you" to the people who got her stuff. So, then, she went up to my aunt and said " Thank you people! " LOL. SHE'S SO CUTE. ;_; I have some pictures from the party, I think I will edit this later to put them up!

It's officially the start of the new semester! 
Now, I will begin my mornings in art class with Alice

Saturday, January 15, 2011

blooming courage BEGINS。・゚゚・CHERRY咲く勇気!!

All of my blogs are dead. (・ω・;) 
I want to try to keep a blog... someone should yell at me when I don't update. w  
I will start this one today since a rare thing happened the other day★

But first, this week I have 5 huge tests for midterms. 
Chemistry+History+English+Spanish+Health. @ A @ 
This won't be fun... but I have Monday and Friday off school!

This is my planner for school! It's falling apart... but I still love it. xD 
Somehow, it's lacking Kanon?! (-ω-)
Going from dreadful ➝ to amazing.

Bou was at Spyralcall and was spotted by Cafekko! o(≧∀≦)o It's really weird... because for so long it seemed like this was something that would never happen, and if it did it would be randomly on the streets by some lucky Cafekko. 

Lots of unexpected things are happening! Like Teruki's Facebook and his adorable English -- and Kanon coming to the U.S. by himself! And finding out that Sakurai is the coolest old man ever. I thought the hiatus would be horrible, but it's brought lots of amazing things. ( ´艸`)

Lastly, here is my new starry bag with the appearance of my snowy porch☆

Thank you for reading (^人^)